What is Binary Emulsion

Binary Emulsion is, quite simply, “Digital Film.” It’s a blending of photography’s roots with the digital age. Silver-halide emulsion has been largely replaced by bits and bytes. I still remember how happy I was when I unwrapped my bright blue Polaroid Square Shooter 2 as a kid. Today that Polaroid has been replaced by a couple of digital camera bodies and a bag full of lenses. The wonder is the same, only the tools are different.


“Doug’s combination of technical expertise, communication ability, and people skills make him an invaluable contributor to my team.” – Gary Hart

“Doug was one of the leaders of a Yosemite photo workshop I was part of in Fall 2011. His energy, enthusiasm, creativity, and deep understanding of the power of the photographic image and all that goes into creating it was tremendously helpful not just for me but for the group. The images he himself took were wonderful, but moreover, he did a superlative job respecting and supporting the individual voices of each workshop participant including me. I feel his presence on any team would be a huge asset, and his personal service and assistance instructive as well as inspiring. I count it a real boon to have met him, let alone learn from him, and would welcome any opportunity to do so again. ” – Mary M.

“I met Doug at a Yosemite photography workshop in 2010 in which he was one of the instructors. He’s very easy to work with as he’s very excited about helping other photogrphers get the most out of the workshops, both technically and artistically. Doug is very knowledgeable, especially in the technical aspects of managing digital photography; lens type and ISO recommendations, and image processing, which is a huge help to a photographer who is just learning digital photography. His images from both an artistic and technical perspective are stunning. I enthusiasticallly recommend him to other photographers who want to improve their craft.” – Marjorie I.